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Your tree has been felled, you’ve chopped up the wood for logs and tidied up the garden, but you have been left with a stump. So how do you remove the tree stump?
Tree stump extraction can be the most difficult part of removing a tree and methods used vary from digging the stump out manually to hiring a professional stump grinder to do the job. Much depends on how large the stump is, the root system of the tree, the soil conditions and how much of the stump you want to extract. To best way to appreciate how difficult stump removal is, is to do it manually.
Removing Stumps Manually It is perfectly possible to manually extract a small tree stump using only a spade or a fork. Diagonally dig under the root ball of the tree and when the spade is under the stump lever the spade so that it lifts the tree. It is surprisingly easy to break a fork or spade doing this so it may be necessary to try from different angles as this loosens up the root system. A good sign is when you hear the roots popping and the stump begin lift its way out. 
If you have tried and failed to remove a tree stump by hand using the method above, you may have to dig the hole deeper and wider. Generally, the hole should be about 3 times the diameter of the stump. Cut the roots with a small handsaw or secateurs and work your way under the tree, which may require digging with a trowel. For really stubborn trees, using wedges, hammers, ropes and winches may help loosen the tree roots enough to work the stump away from the ground.
If the stump still won’t budge even after you have dug yourself into a huge (often ugly) hole, flooding the hole may loosen the roots sufficiently to get some leverage. By this stage, it is often difficult to differentiate which of the tree stump or the tree stump remover is more stubborn and it may be time to call in the professionals.
Calling in the Professionals If you are hiring a tree surgeon to take down a tree, you should discuss how the stump will be left. Any good tree surgeon will either have their own specialist stump removal equipment or will be able to point you in the direction of a good stump removal firm. Stump removers / stump grinders are mechanical devices that turn the stump into wood chips and is probably the way forward if you are prepared to pay for the service. It may be possible to hire a stump grinder, which should be operated with extreme care or there are many stump grinding companies that will do the job for you. They will remove a tree stump quickly and use the mulch to backfill the hole. Some will even put topsoil or turn the area where the tree stump used to be.
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